Grant Park Village

Around the Village

With close proximity to five great neighborhoods, there’s always something to find in any direction. From local attractions to urban escapes, great nightlife or quiet strolls, it’s either right here or right nearby.

Does the moment call for live music? Hit up Laurelhurst for some world-class folk and bluegrass. A trip to an historic movie house? Hollywood Theater is right around the corner. Your favorite Northwest cuisine? Head over to NE 28th in Kerns and just start walking. If a casual stroll is on the docket, wander up Broadway and sample some of Portland’s best craft brews and wines, or simply walk up 33rd into Grant Park for a taste of nature without leaving the neighborhood. Just a hop and a skip further and you’re in the heart of the active energy of NE Fremont. And if escape is what you need—to the mountain or the Gorge or a trip to the Coast—the Village makes it easy to hop on the freeway. Once there, the road is yours. However you roll, the Village will be here for you as soon as you get back.